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Hello, my name is Chris, and I am a SNAKEAHOLIC. My passion for snakes started at young age and has grown into an obsession. It all happened so fast. It all started with a pair of corn snakes and quickly spiraled out of control. I found myself laying awake late at night thinking about what snake I would add to my collection next. I always told myself, “after this one I will be satisfied..” The satisfaction would only last a day or two so the snakes kept coming. What was wrong with me? Was I the only one with this disease? Was there any hope for me? The answers came over time. Recognizing that I was a SNAKEAHOLIC was the first step, after I realized this it became clear that there was little hope for me, and surprisingly I wasn't alone. The best I could do was harness my passion and commit myself to helping other SNAKEAHOLICS by providing them with top quality captive bred snakes. If you feel you suffer from this disease you are not alone! You have come to the right place! Let go of your guilt, no one here will judge you!




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