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Text Box: Closet Creation Herps
New Additions & Specials 

African House Snakes (L. Fuliginosis)- CCH house snakes have just hatched!! These snakes are exciting to work with   and make geat additions to any collection. See our House Snake Page for available snakes.

Corn Snakes  CCH had a great group of hatchlings this season. Many were sold before we could list them here. We do still have a few left so check out our Corn Snakes Page for available snakes.

Vanishing Pattern Sinaloans– CCH aquired a pair of beautiful VP sinaloan milk snake hatchlings. It will be a while until they are ready to breed but they are worth the wait!

Closet Creation Herps

Text Box: Herp News & Events

Forbes Magazine article on snakes. Link

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