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We make it our top priority at SNAKEAHOLICS to make sure that our clients are happy with the level of service and quality of reptile that they receive. 



What We Guarantee


· We guarantee that the animal you order is the one you get.


· We guarantee that the animal will have eaten at least 3 meals unless otherwise noted.


· We guarantee that all animals are captive bred in our facility unless otherwise stated.


· We guarantee the sex of the animal you order.


· We guarantee that the animal will be in healthy condition.


How To Order


· Email us with the ID # of the specimen that you wish to order. A short description of the animal will also be helpful i.e. “female tangerine Honduran ID# wb071.” We will hold an animal with out payment for 3 days.


· Please include your zip code so we can give you an accurate shipping quote.


· We will email you a back with answers to any questions you have and also include a shipping date for the animal. You must agree to the shipping date before we will send you a PayPal invoice.


· Once a shipping date has been agreed upon you will receive a PayPal invoice email with instructions on how to pay.





· We accept PayPal. You may use a Visa or Master Card via the PayPal site.






· Animals are shipped in Styrofoam insulated boxes via FedEx Priority Overnight service.


· Animals are shipped on Tuesdays only.


· All orders must be paid for no later than 12:01 am Tuesday morning in order for the animal to be shipped on Tuesday for a Wednesday morning arrival.


· When an animal is shipped we guarantee live arrival as long as an ADULT is there to sign for the package on the shipping companies first attempt to deliver.


· We do not guarantee a live arrival in weather extremes. Weather extremes would be temperatures bellow 45 degrees F. or temperatures above 90 degrees F. We live in a very temperate area so it is up to you to determine if the weather in your area meets the above requirements.  Heat or cold packs will be added as needed.


· You MUST email us immediately upon receipt of the animal in order for any of our guarantee’s to honored. A brief description of the animals condition must be included. i.e. “We received the corn snake. She looks to be alert and in healthy condition.”


48 Hour Return Policy



· To receive a replacement animal you must contact us within 48 hours of receiving the animal.


· If you are dissatisfied with the animal, you will be responsible for the shipping charges to return the animal.


· We do not guarantee that the animal will eat within the 48 hour period. Most animals take several days to acclimate to their surrounding and will not eat. We will not accept returns or or give refunds for this reason.


· If the animal dies of sickness within the 48 hour period  we reserve the right to request the frozen carcass of the specimen before issuing a refund/ replacement.


· We reserve the right to determine whether or not to refund the money to you or to replace the animal. This will depend largely on whether or not a replacement animal is available.


****Exchange of Money Signifies Agreement to These Terms*****